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About Yaaka Digital Network

About Yaaka Digital Network

Yaaka Digital Network, is a multi-award-winning learning and training platform offering online and offline learning materials, content input and access, interactions as well a set of tools for digitalising teaching and learning online and offline.

Yaaka is like, ,,, but in addition to offering country and or particular institution relevant academic content and interactions, Yaaka is an eight in one product for digitalizing learning and teaching. It consists of:

  1. The web app where trainers and learners can signup for accounts to input and access learning materials in text, pictures, audio, video and graphics at their convenience on any gadget that can access the internet and a web browser. It is built as a market place of learning materials and a social network for learning with interactive features for groups, discussion forums, friendship, selling of courses, metered learning, quizzes, assignments, content drip feed, online and off line courses, live classes, learner assessment etc.
  • The Yaaka offline app: which enables people to access as an offline app on their gadget so one can learn anytime anywhere without needing access to the internet.

3. The Yaaka computers and tablets which comes with pre-installed.  So you can learn offline for free and go online as and where they choose (details on following page).

Yaaka computers and tablets

4. Yaaka Plus for Institutions where we deliver a networked Yaaka installation for a fee to an education institution- which networked Yaaka can be accessed by any number of learners and trainers connected to the same LAN or wireless local area network at any campus/ learning venue (not needing internet). We can optionally provide low-cost branded tablets ($100).

5. Digital pedagogy training in partnership with Makerere University to help educators in purposeful application of technologies in education.

6. Educare providing free access to multimedia learning content of pre-primary to senior six as well as a cross section of skills courses on You just need to open an account.

7. Educare where we provide free ebooks for learners to read subjects of pre-primary to senior six as well as several self help, 21st century skills ebooks and novels on 

8. Buyaga Parents School – a technology driven physical learning center for experiencing modern primary & secondary learner centered education

Additionally, we offer mobile apps for Yaaka DN , Educare  all with content, revision tests and assignments for all primary and secondary class subjects.

We are unique because of our outstanding development of technologies that take advantage of digital learning and training beyond the internet, as the latter is a finite resource that can be ‘stressed’ with more users, especially at the same time- Technologies that transfer online technologies to offline access, and back online while maintaining interactivity.

We have the most comprehensive digital learning solution, and look forward to partner with schools who would like to utilize our products or training, as well as parents who would like to attend our free seminars and free live classes. Join our whatsapp groups +256770730170.

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