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Primary Seven Social Studies (S.S.T)

In this book, you will you will learn all the lessons/ topics that have to be covered by the primary seven learners in accordance with the Ugandan syllabus.

Our notes are organized in a simple and summarized way that makes a student easy to understand within a short period and matches the first-class schools. It covers the following topics Primary Seven Notes, The Formation Of United Nations Organization, Ranching And Livestock Farming, Location Of South Africa, The Location Of Nigeria, The Location Of Libya, The Climate Of Libya, Historical Background Of Libya, Minerals And Their Uses, Africa’s Economy, The Common Wealth Organization First World War, The Second World War, East African Community (E.A.C),Economic Community Of West African States (Ecowas),Common Market For East And Southern Africa (COMESA),Southern Africa Development Community(SADC), Organization Of African Union (O.A.U),Nationalism And The Road To Independence, Colonial Rule In Africa, The Berlin Conference, Missionaries And Traders In Africa, Missionaries Who Came To Africa, European Traders In Africa, Explorers In East Africa, Slave Trade, Foreign Influence Of The Europeans In Africa, Kingdoms Of Africa, The People Of Africa, The Bantu, The Nilotes, The Cushite’s, Tourism In Africa, Vegetation In Africa, Grasslands, Climatic Regions Of Africa, Climate Of Africa, Gezira Irrigation Scheme, Lakes In Africa, Lagoon Lakes, Drainage System In Africa, Rivers, Major Rivers And Dams Of Africa, Aswan High Dam, The Coastal Plain, Great Rift Valley Of Africa, Physical Features Of Africa, Countries In Each Region Of Africa, Latitudes And Longitudes, Africa As A Continent and much more. 

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