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In this book, you will learn all the lessons/ topics that have to be covered by the Primary Five learners in accordance with the Ugandan syllabus of Social Studies.

Our notes are organized in a simple and summarized way that makes a student easy to understand within a short period of and match the first-class schools.

Below are all the topics in primary five social studies, feel free to read from here; Location of Uganda on the map of east Africa,  Uganda and her Neighbors (map of east Africa),  physical features of Uganda, drainage features in Uganda,  rivers in Uganda,  the climate of Uganda,  agriculture in Uganda, the vegetation of Uganda,  game parks in Uganda,  mining, the people of Pre-colonial Uganda,  migration,  political organization of Pre-colonial societies,  barter trade and long distance trade,  foreign influence in Uganda, religious wars, the Uganda Railway,  indirect rule, the second world war, Kabaka crisis,  Uganda as an independent state/nation, the government of Uganda,  government revenues, population in Uganda,

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