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This Assessment and Training Package is a Competence-Based Education and Training (CBET) tool and consists of three major parts:

0.1 PART I: The Occupational Profile (OP) of a COOK. This Occupational Profile which was reviewed by Cooks practicing in the world of work mirrors the duties and tasks that Cooks are expected to perform.

0.2 PART II: Training Modules in the form of guidelines to train Cooks both on the job as well as in training centres (or combinations of both venues of learning). The Training Modules herein have been reviewed basing on the Occupational Profile and hence are directly relevant for employment.

0.3 PART III: Assessment Instruments in the form of performance (Practical) and written (theory) test items that can and should be used to assess whether a person complies with the requirements of employment as a COOK.

These assessment instruments were reviewed jointly by job practitioners (Cooks) and instructors based on the occupational profile and training modules.

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